Refrakcijski instrumenti

Digital Lensmeter HLM-7000

Shows that supreme precision can be compatible with great comfort.

More Efficient Progressive MeasurementThe advanced algorithm allows automatic measurement of the far and near sight addition with improved accuracy and speed.
Wide Measurement RangeThe extensive diopter measurement range of +25D to –25D lets you measure a wide range of lenses.  
Additional Prism Display ModeFor high prism, you may choose the Ten Prism Display mode to get the status of a wide area and for normal and low prism, you may use the Five Prism Display mode.
Dark Sunglasses ModeYou can measure dark sunglasses better by using Dark Sunglasses Mode.  
PD MeasurementThe built-in PD sensor allows the easy measurement of the frame’s PD. The power of the lens can be captured simultaneously.
Incomparable UV Measurement Level Assessments

Few lensmeters provide UV assessments with the exact numerical value. Feel the difference and provide patients with the exact UV protection figure.
Contact lens MeasurementHLM-7000 offers fast and accurate measurement data of hard/soft contact lenses. Uniquely designed Soft Contact lens Measurement Jig* greatly improves stability and comfort when measuring soft contact lenses.(*Contact lens Measurement Jig is an optional accesory)  
Adjustable Tilting LCD MonitorThe LCD monitor has a tilting capability of -5 to 60 offering unparalleled visual and operational comfort whether sitting or standing.  
User-friendly Graphical InterfaceThe Graphical User Interface provides intuitive guidance for easy operation. The well designed icons facilitate use and increase efficiency.
TFT LCD, The Best in Image QualityTFT LCD images provide higher clarity and increased brightness for an even more efficient operation.
Compact Lens TableNow enjoy more freedom with the compact lens table. Smaller sized glasses or children’s glasses can be easily measured.  
Newly Designed PD Bar and Measurement NoseThe newly designed PD Bar and Measurement Nose can measure small, progressive, or multi-focal glasses. In addition, the operator can still use the measurement nose when measuring the near sight addition.
Slim & Compact DesignThe newly designed GLM-7000 C with its compact size offers more space and freedom, occupying less table space.
Built-in Thermal PrinterPrint paper can easily be changed with one-touch lever. Illustration of Axis & PD helps customers understand the data better.  
Pen type markingPen type marking assembly guarantees clean and precise marking


Cylinder -, +, ±
Prism Rectangular / Polar / Displacement
Sampling Speed 0.016 sec
LED wavelength 630 nm
Measurable Lens Diameter 15 ~ 115mm
Contact Lens Hard and Soft
ABBE Values 30 ~ 60 (1Step)
Wavalength e-Line : 546.07m / d-Line : 587.56
Sphere Power 0 ~ ±25.00D
Cylinder Power 0 ~ ±10.00D
Cylinder Axis 0°~ 180°(1°)
Add Power 0 ~ 10 D
Prism Power 0 ~10Δ
Diopter 0.01 / 0.125 / 0.25D
Prism 0.01 / 0.125 / 0.25Δ
Dimension 190(W) x 237(D) x 377(H)mm / 5.5kg
Power Supply AC 100-120V / AC 220-240V 50 / 60Hz
Display FT LCD Display (320 x 240 LED Backlight)
Baud Rate 9,600 / 19,200 / 38,400 / 57,600 / 115,200bps
Data Output RS-232C
Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for improvements.

Autorefraktor / Keratometer HRK-8000A

Autorefraktor / Keratometer HRK-8000A

System Description
Unlike many conventional diagnostic devices, HRK-8000A is based on Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor, which analyzes many focal spots of a light wavefront. It has the ability to measure not just the basic refraction error of a customer, but to obtain a spatially resolved refraction map. The new HRK-8000A utilizes a unique wavefront analysis algorithm andsurpasses conventional and simple refraction offering added values with high order aberration data output for customized lenses and observation of patients before and after refractive surgery. Experience the whole new wavefront AutoRef-Keratometer form Huvitz, HRK-8000A!


Optimized Optical SystemWavefront Technology measures the wavefront of light reflected from the retina and the refractive power with various sensors divided by sectors and analyzes them with extreme precision.
Customized Lens ManufacturingHigh order aberration and Zernike map data output function allow premium custom spectacle or contact lens manufacturers to improves vision accuracy and power.
High Order Aberration Map is onBesides the conventional data suchas Spherical, Cylinder and Axis, the high order aberration data is displayed in a graphical Zernike refraction map for better understanding of patient’s eyes and superior clinical decision making.
Color View ModeThe Full Color CCD camera and white LED light source in the auto refkeratometer enable you to see eyes and contact lens fitting status which was previously only possible with slit lamps.  
Ultra High Precision KER DataMire ring and LED sources enable highly reliable keratometry data of the corneal base curve to be obtained.

Touch & Tilting Color Display ScreenHigh brightness and contrast VGA 7″ wide color TFT LCD screen provides with high resolution video images. Smooth and free tilting function also offers you a comfortable and clear view at any angle.
Auto TrackingThe cutting edge auto sensor and 3 dimensional movement mechanism enables you to track down a measuring focus of an eye automatically and complete the measurement perfectly even with an inexperienced user.
Motorized Chin RestJust by pressing the Up & Down buttons, users can set the height of the measuring point comfortably and quickly.
Faster Measurement SpeedFaster measurement speed than any other competitors’ equipment!
Comfortable One Touch LockThe upper moving stage can be locked easily with the one touch button, making locking smooth and easy.
Ext. Monitor & Network ConnectivityFull HD video output through the HDMI port provides a differentiated explanation base for clinical consulting with your patients. HRK-8000A supports network connectivity with Huvitz Digital Refraction System enabling easy and fast refraction in networking.
Micro Lens ArrayHuvitz’ own developed Micro Lens Array creates a number of separated focal spots, of which the pattern provides valuable information of the customer’s ocular system.

More Data on Aberration MeasurementHigh order aberration data such as Coma, Trefoil, Spherical Aberration, Secondary Astigmatism, and Tetrafoil, which was only available in wavefront aberrometers, now is available in Huvitz HRK-8000A. Clinical usage of this data is all in your hands!
PSF & Image SimulationPoint Spread Function (PSF) and chart simulation of retinal display can make patients understood in a much better way of their clinical status of eyes and customized lens benefits.


Peripheral Keratometry MeasurementHRK-8000A provides peripheral keratometry measurement data that can be greatly useful for fitting contact lenses.
Contact Lens Fitting Assistance GuideThe World’s First contact lens fitting function in an auto ref-keratometer enables you to see fluorescein liquid with blue illumination. The HRK-8000A also analyzes and simulates the lens fitting status with automatic calculation and recommendation..
Contact Lens Prescription GuideImage capture and contrast regulation is possible. The HRK-8000A gives you the best On-K fitting guide based on the base curve and KER value measured!
Animated GuideIn case a measuring point is out of auto tracking range, the animated guide on the screen suggests how to operate the joystick in the easiest and most intuitive way.

Quiet & Speedy Auto Cutting Printer

Automatic paper cutting and one touch paper roll change functions are new advantages of the HRK-8000A.



Digital Chart HDC-9000N/PF

Full HD technology



High Resolution 24” LCD ChartThis high resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) 24” Color TFT-LCD with polarized panel supports more precise visual acuity testing.
Various Types of Standard Visual Acuity ChartsThe various standard charts include tests such as Letter, Number, landolt C, Snellen E.
Children chart and other specialty charts as well
Color Vision TestHDC-9000N/PF presents 12 charts for testing Color Blindness and 9 charts for classifying the level of visual inability.
Contrast Sensitivity TestThe HDC-9000N/PF also has a function to measure contrast sensitivity at various levels using letter charts and the bar.
Hue TestFor the color blindness test, the HDC-9000N/PF supports the professional test consisting of 85 color charts diversified by wavelength and the simple test of 15 color charts.



Technical specifications
Masks Line(Horizontal) / Column(Vertical) / Single Optotype Controlled by Remote Controller with infrared communication
Red / Green Chart Adjustable Color Depth
Test Distance From 2.5 to 6m (step of 0.1m)
LCD Compatibility 17”, 19”, 20”, 23” and 24”
Operating System Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista
Data Transmission Connected to PC[USB], Connected to HDR/CDR[CAN]
Chart Type 3 type in decimal or fractional meter, or in feet
Total File Size on Disk 100MB
Remote Controller 65mm(W) x 195mm(L) x 20mm(H) / 160g(Default Option)
Receiver 51mm(W) x 80mm(L) x 21mm(H) / 46g(Default Option)
Power 5V, 100mA, 0.5W
Wall Mount 240mm(W) x 25.5mm(D) x 230mm(H) / 2.9kg Customized for iMac(Optional)



Digitalni Ref/Keratometer HDR-7000

User-friendly touch screen interface, jog dial and tact switches provide perfect control on variuos operations. The swiveling and tilting display can be shown in every direction.

Dual cross cylinder lens
Dual cross cylinder lens supports fast and convenient astigmatic test.
Guide assistance for sophisticated test
Friendly guides shown on the display panel provide easier processes to perform more sophisticated vision tests such as relative accommodation test or relative convergence test, etc.
Automatic occlusion
Automatic occlusion function assists precise and comfortable astigmatic test by preventing accommodation while the lens is rotating over 45 degree or test mode is changing.           Guide assistance for sophisticated test
Friendly guides shown on the display panel provide easier processes to perform more sophisticated vision tests such as relative accommodation test or relative convergence test, etc.
Monocular PD adjustment
Many customers have slightly varied monocular PD.
HDR-7000 provides independent PD for right and left eyes.
Automatic convergence
During presbyopic test or near vision acuity test, automatic convergence function makes an examinee to gaze near vision charts toward the center of refractor lenses assuring precise test.
. Working distance : 35 ~ 70cm
. Available Near PD : 50 ~ 70mm
  Forehead rest indicador
A sensor inside of the forehead rest notifies by showing on & off of LED indicator whether an examinee’s forehead is rested on the forehead rest to assure the most precise vertex distance.
Various kinds of near vision chart
Near vision test can be performed better with variously provided near vision charts.
Fast and silent lens loading
Faster lens loading helps to minimize accommodational interference and fatigue of examinees’ eyes.
Silent operation offers more comfort during the exam process.
  LED Near Sight Illumination and Detachable Near Chart Rod
Built-in LED illumination for the near sight chart automatically recognizes the near or far sight test and turns the ighting on or off to create the best lighting needed for the test environment. Easy installation and removal of the near chart rod with a magnetic joint gives you more comfort.
  Illuminated vertex distance check window
More accurate test is guaranteed by positioning examinees’ eyes in the correct vertex distance through the illuminated vertex distance check window.
Accurate rotary prism
Precise prism data can be obtained by fine increment (up to 20 Δ, minimum 0.1 Δ increment) and automatic occlusion function is working while the prism is changing directions to assist correct test.
  Easy cleanup
The detachable design of the frequently contaminated parts (Forehead Rests, Face Shields, and Lens Windows) helps easier and faster cleanup.
Various muscle balance test methods
HDR-7000 provides various muscle balance test methods such as Von Graefe Test, Schober Test, Maddox Rod Test, Polar Cross Test, etc.
  Tilting & swivel LCD panel
Tilting & swivel LCD panel makes it possible to share the displayed information in any direction or angle.
  Variuos charts and tests
18 visual acuity test charts, 26 vision test charts, and up to 35 user defined unit test charts support the most advanced eye test proces
Touch Screen
Touch screen interface offers intuitive guide with great convenience for operation.
  Global standard chart types
HDR-7000 offers worldwide global standard chart types.
  Multi-function Jog Dial
Multi-function Jog Dial assist fast and convenient lens loading and execution of programs.
  Test process programming
Maximum 10 customized test processes can be programmed and saved with the detailed setting of unit test charts conversion, auxiliary lens inserting, fogging, chart masking, etc.
Tact switch
Elegant tact switches are well-organized functionally, and also offer satisfying feeling of touch.
  User-defined test
Maximum 35 user-defined tests can be edited and stored.
  Built-in printer
Built-in printer on the operation panel makes accessing the printer more convenient and replacing paper at one-step process.
  Real time guide
Graphical representation displayed on screen guides test process easier & faster in real time.
  Easy installation of various interfaces
Various chart devices (Projector CCP-3100, Dream Chart CDC-4000 & LCD Chart) can be connected in wire/wireless.
PC communication connecting interface can be attached to support customer data management. (Option)
  Displaying the result in tables and graphics
Test results are shown in tables and graphics help to understand easier and faster.
Efficient multiple connection of systems
The connection of Auto Ref/Keratometer and Auto Lensmeter is supported.
Especially, only one set of connection of Auto Ref/Keratometer and Auto Lensmeter can be shared to multiple Huvitz Digital Refractor systems, thus allowing maximum cost efficiency.
Simultaneous data sharing with the connected systems makes it possible to organize and manage refraction test environment efficiently.
  Various image clips
Color blindness test, Amsler’s Grid, and many other kinds of near vision charts are provided for more perfect test.
Various image clips including progressive lens guide, diagram of an eye & refraction, etc. support better understanding for customers.

Technologie der Korrektionsgläser und Schutzgläser

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